We can announce today that we have developed an integration to Klipfolio dashboards – the world’s top-rated dashboarding platform.

In today’s world, consolidating many systems into one central ERP is only part of the journey as a business. One of the most important steps you will undertake is deciding what your key business goals and targets are. This will include analysing core performance indicators such as profit and how that changes over the year. It will also include identifying how sales are won from your pipeline of work, project profitability (including whether projects are completed successfully in budget and on time) and other performance metrics.

Once you have identified these key indicators, the challenge is to get the whole business behind them. A major part of this process is to present the data behind the KPIs in an impactful way that is easy to access so it will be immediately understood. With intelligent real-time dashboards, employees can see the targets and KPIs in a visual and immediate way and, crucially, see how they change in real-time as well and how they can influence the KPIs themselves!

Making conscious and effective decisions about how well you present the data has the potential to transform employee involvement and progress, streamlining decision making in all divisions of the business.

The use of dashboarding is a central piece of the ERP journey and delivery. That is why Enapps are excited to announce that we have integrated Enapps to Klipfolio. Enapps considers the integration to Klipfolio as game-changing for an ERP implementation and we are excited to see how far it can take our services and our clients.

Klipfolio is rapidly becoming one of the world’s most popular and well-loved dashboarding applications. It allows customers to easily develop and deliver their key performance metrics in clear formats that are easily digestible and conveyed and updated in real-time!

These features will enable companies and individuals to spend less time analysing data and looking through stats and reports. Instead, they will have the key numbers presented in an engaging and meaningful way, making accessing the essential and helpful underlying data quick and efficient and bringing the business goals to life!

We are currently delivering this integration for a number of clients. If you are interested in this or any other Enapps functionality, call our team today on 020 8090 9222


Written by Deborah Welby

Sales & Commercial Director