Integrating with Enapps ERP

Although the Enapps ERP platform is rich and varied in functionality, there are just some areas where it’s best to integrate and not “re-invent the wheel”. We offer several key ERP software integrations in eCommerce, advanced reporting, planning and budgeting and marketing and document management. All our integrations are designed to extend the platform’s core capability and provide enhanced value to our customers.

eCommerce Integrations

eCommerce and Digital Ordering

We provide a B2B digital ordering and eCommerce platform so that our customers can provide true digital ordering, offering their own customers the ability to place orders online and access a customer portal. These orders then flow into Enapps, eliminating the need for rekeying any data.

SharpSpring Marketing

Marketing with SharpSpring

Increasingly, our customers need advanced marketing capabilities. As a result, we have developed an ERP integration with a powerful and affordable marketing platform called SharpSpring. SharpSpring offers traditional and social campaign management, sales automation, website tracking, analytics and more.

Find out more about SharpSpring

OneDrive/Sharepoint Logo


Enapps is integrated with OneDrive/Sharepoint so that documents can be stored on any record in the system and be updated either from within the ERP or outside of it. This integration allows key documentation gathered during the process to move along with the customer journey, encouraging document collaboration at any point within the ERP system.

Solver Global

Data Reporting with Phocas

Consolidating many systems into one is essential for a growing business, but data really comes to life when you can report and analyse with ease.  Enapps ERP System is now able to offer advanced capabilities with an integration with Phocas, allowing customers to thrive using data-driven decisions. Phocas is ranked #1 BI solution in Gartner’s FrontRunners Report.

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HMRC integrations

HMRC, Payroll and Banking

There are a number of areas that Enapps ERP Systems can be integrated with:

Enapps is fully MTD compliant, which means VAT returns can be submitted and managed from the ERP.

There is full HMRC CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) integration so you can verify subcontractors and submit monthly returns directly from the ERP.

Enapps can integrate with a number of Payroll software packages. Talk to us today about your requirements.

HSBC/Natwest/Lloyds and more
We have banking integrations, to upload banks statements and generate payment files. Open banking framework ERP Software integration is also on the roadmap.

Exchange rate currency automatic feeds
Enapps can integrate with currency exchange feeds, saving your accounting department time and money from managing this manually.



Enapps is integrated to Transend which is intelligent ePod route planning and optimisation software that manages the complex last mile, maximising the use of vehicles and drivers, based on orders, weight & volume, location, vehicle capacity and a time-window.

Office Integrations


Enapps has a native office365 API email integration, which means emails received and/or sent can be automatically attached within the ERP against the relevant record. Additionally, there is an Outlook plugin that pushes an email or attachment to the ERP.

Map Integrations

Location/Map Integrations

Google Maps
Enapps’ ERP Software can be integrated with Google Maps so that, where feasible, customers, prospects, offices and warehouses, suppliers or projects can be viewed geographically within the ERP on Google maps.

Postcode database
We integrate with getaddress() for up-to-date UK postcode lookups direct from within the ERP when creating new records.

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