CRM modules

Enapps CRM module

The Enapps CRM system empowers all of your company with a customer-centric set of tools which allows you to closely manage both customer and supplier relationships. This CRM software module also manages the conversion of leads & prospects into new customers by converting their associated opportunities into new business. We also support multiple contacts, contact types and addresses for each customer and supplier along with a 360-degree view of activities and purchase history by customer.

Customer Relationship Management Software

CRM module key benefits

Our CRM module feature list includes...

Contact management

Manage all contact details using multiple contact names and addresses if required.

Pipeline management

Manage the opportunity Sales Pipeline using your own predefined stages.

Activity management

Every current and all historic activities are all available from one place on the system.

Display on Google Maps

Display any contact type or list of contacts directly on an in-system Google map.

UK Postcode lookup

Input addresses quickly and accurately using our UK postcode lookup integration.

E-mail integration

E-mail can be sent and received in any part of the system and we have Microsoft Outlook integration.