NEXT EVENT: 28th April, Etihad Stadium, Manchester, 10 – 2pm

We are very excited to be back at one of our favourite events in 2022: itSHOWCASE! As a passionate company with an ERP system focused on results, Enapps is always eager to showcase our offering alongside other specialist businesses and their software. Best of all? We get to talk to new people (and existing customers) about what we do and what we can offer.

This year’s incredible showcase line-up has already begun with Twickenham Stadium in South-West London on 15th March.

The Enapps team has attended multiple itSHOWCASE Software Discover Days before, and we can’t stress how valuable these events are for companies wanting to chat through their needs and speak to numerous providers to get an idea of what solutions are out there and who might be the best fit for them.

As a software provider that delivers unique solutions, Enapps understands that every business is different with its own complexities. Therefore, we relish the opportunity to chat through frustrations, future visions, costings, and whatever other topics may deserve discussion time during this crucial research stage.

If you are thinking about an ERP — maybe implementing your first system or changing from your current provider — visit us at your nearest show or give us a call.

We were recently at the Twickenham, London event however it’s confirmed that Enapps will be at the following itSHOWCASE events (so far):

Manchester, Etihad Stadium – 28th April 10-2 pm

Birmingham, Villa Park Stadium – 28th June 10-2 pm


Written by Steph Dampier